An Eye-Opening Glimpse of a 24-Hour Day in the Life, Strategically Scheduled to Benefit our Residents

An Eye-Opening Glimpse of a 24-Hour Day in the Life, Strategically Scheduled to Benefit our Residents

Keepsake Kottage has a unique schedule that benefits the residents in functioning according to their needs. Our owner, Kari Cameron, created this schedule after working many years as a CNA and CMA herself. This outline is meant to give a general picture of what happens on a day in the life of a resident and employees, at any of our home-plus locations!

6:00a-7:00a: At this time, the day shift and night shift work together in order to assist the residents in getting ready for the day. This includes assisting in the bathroom, brushing teeth, combing hair, getting dressed, or any other tasks our residents need help with.

7:00a-9:00a: Our employees simultaneously work to prepare the breakfast, assist our residents to the table, and tend to the resident’s specific needs while they eat! Also at this time, our Certified Medication Aide gives each resident their morning medicine. 

9:00a-11:00a: Employees assist the residents to the bathroom and a safe resting place during this time. After all of the residents are taken care of, it is time for the assigned daily showers. While one staff member assists with showers, another staff member leads the residents in morning exercises and stretches. According to a study done by South Dakota State, range of motion exercises have many benefits for the elderly including increased blood flow and mobility as well as decreased muscle and joint pain, ( ). This time is beneficial for the residents because we are able to get them clean and ready for the day before sundowning occurs.

11:00a-1:00p: Employees follow the same routine as breakfast by preparing and serving breakfast while assisting the residents with their needs and back to a safe resting place.

1:00p-3:00p: Residents can nap if they choose, or they also have the opportunity to watch television, enjoy quiet time, play games with the employees, and enjoy the fresh air outside (weather permitting).

3:00p-4:00p: Now, the employees assist the residents to the dining room table to participate in a group activity. We have a wide variety of different activities that include painting nails, playing board or card games, painting and coloring, bird watching, baking with the staff, and working on puzzles! This time is very beneficial for the residents, participating in an activity and socializing with the other residents. We are very proud of our home-like atmosphere we have in each home and the residents become like family!

4:00p-6:00p: Again the residents and employees follow the same meal time schedule as breakfast and lunch. After they are done eating, the residents can relax in the living room together and watch television, many of them even like to participate in the game shows!

6:00p-8:00p: During this time, the day shift thoroughly cleans the house and helps some of the residents get ready for bed. At 7:00 pm night shift enters and begins preparing some of the menu items for the day shift. The night shift will also finish cleaning the rest of the house.

8:00p-10:00p: The residents are offered an evening snack while watching television, and almost all of the residents are ready for bed at this time. Night shift assists with getting the residents ready for bed; including brushing their teeth, changing into pajamas, and assisting with any other tasks that are a part of the resident’s nightly routine before bed.

Overall, this generic schedule gives you an idea of what any given day may look like at one of our home-plus locations. At the family’s or resident’s requests, we can alter the schedule to fit their specific needs and our employees are happy to assist!