Keepsake Kottage Navigate the Maze

Navigating Finances

Keepsake Kottage can help you navigate the difficult world of insurance. We accept most forms of insurance including long-term care insurance and Medicaid. We also make it easy for you to pay using private funds. After a medical evaluation by our term, we can discuss the financial options available for the level of care your loved one requires.

Forget the Chores

At Keepsake Kottage your loved ones do not have to worry about the details. We’ve got them covered. We take care of all of the household tasks, including home-cooked meals, cleaning, laundry, and lawn upkeep. We have customized menu books developed by a nutritionist to ensure our residents are eating delicious and healthy food.

High Quality of Life is the Goal

Keepsake Kottage knows that individuals need more than just a “place to stay,” they also have social and emotional needs.

That is why Keepsake Kottage believes in:

  • providing daily activities
  • creating arts and crafts
  • monthly entertainment
  • celebrating birthdays and holidays
  • welcoming family and visitors

We provide the best quality of life for your loved one!

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