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Kari Cameron is an expert in the Medicaid Application process. She is available to sit down with families, explain the process, and review the documents needed to apply. Throughout the eligibility process, she will walk you through each part.  As an experienced Medicaid Consultant, she knows how to help you navigate through the application, and she will be with you to answer any questions that may come up along the way.

As the facilitator, Kari meets with families to put together a perfect Medicaid Application to submit to the state. Her team manages communication with the state and follows the application until it’s approved for the right program. If the application is denied for whatever reason, Kari and her team will work with the family to add the additional information needed and resend the application for approval in a timely manner.

As an advocate for families, Kari knows that the Medicaid Application Process can be tricky to navigate alone. Kari will make sure clients are eligible when they apply – ensuring they’re approved for the right program, and for the right Medicaid effective date. She handles every step of the application and ensures every vital detail is correct.

Benefits of Medicaid

Medicaid is a program for individuals who are 65 years of age or older who lack sufficient income and assets to pay for their long-term medical care and treatment known as HCBS services. If an individual meets the eligibility criteria, Medicaid will pay health care providers directly for services given to the individual.  Medicaid assists in covering the cost for HCBS services once approved. Medicaid also pays for many medical services, such as doctor visits, inpatient and outpatient hospital care, laboratory services, transportation necessary to receive medical care, and other types of health care.

Medicaid vs. Medicare

Medicare is the federal health insurance program available to most people 65 years of age or older.  Unlike Medicaid, eligibility for Medicare is not predicated upon the income or assets of the applicant.  Medicare helps to pay for most routine health care services for individuals, called “Medicare beneficiaries.”  However, Medicare does not pay for the cost of long-term health care.

“Spend Down” Documentation

When an individual or couple’s income, including assets, places them above the Medicaid eligibility limit, certain “spend down” strategies can be implemented to help the individual or couple reach the required asset limit to qualify for Medicaid.  Spending down must be done properly to not transfer assets or make a gift in a way that will result in a penalty. Proof of valid spend down expenses will be submitted to KanCare. Kari will assist with this entire process to ensure success.


The process usually takes between 60-90 days. Every situation is different and required documents or “spend down” strategies can affect the timeline for approval.

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